Maha Mata – old

cd-inner-flap2Maha Mata draws on different traditions to support the birthing process, be it for a child, a creative project, a new venture or planting seeds for great dreams.


cd_back_pagelr“Maha Mata”, the Great Mother, the Divine Mother, the creative life force that we are all a part of – and that resides within each of us – is awakened through these sacred words. These mantras are prayers for profound protection, healing and strength, supporting the feminine powers of intuition and creation to blossom and flourish.

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Melodies written by Amy Bisazza, harmonies and arrangements by Vaishnavi Brassey

Produced, mixed and mastered by Marc Jackson Burrows ( at Velvet Jam ( for Ambush Entertainment

Lead Vocals & Guitar – Amy Bisazza (

Vocals – Vaishnavi Brassey (

Hang – Anne Malone (

Cello – Gamaliel Rendle Traynor

Harp – Camille Marie (