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Poota Mata is a verse from the Sikh Shabd, traditionally sung by mothers during pregnancy as a blessing to their unborn child.

The entire album – Maha Mata (Great Mother) – is dedicated to the Divine Feminine and particularly the process of birthing. You are welcome to listen to it for free in the player below.

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Poota Mata

There’s a very particular story about the free download track… A few weeks after Vaishnavi and Amy decided to dedicate the entire album to the birthing process, Amy discovered she was pregnant! Tracking back, they realised she must have conceived around the time that decision had been made.

As a Kundalini Yogini, Amy was familiar with these verses and knew they were traditionally chanted by mothers as a blessing to their unborn child. She began chanting them and so it was in the early weeks of pregnancy that Amy received the melody for this track. So many have commented on a poignancy to her voice as she sings to Leo in utero. You would never guess she was suffering with quite extreme morning sickness the entire time in the studio!