Watkins Books

What a treat to pop into Watkins Books this week and see Maha Mata on the shelves – above Krishna Das and Johnathan Goldman no less!

Growing up in London, this was the go-to treasure trove of spiritual books. I have so many memories of time spent here, drinking in their wares.

I felt significantly overawed taking a copy of our CD in some months back. To my surprise, the response from the assistant I spoke to was so deeply touching. She instantly put it on the store CD player and began playing it – and then came to find me, saying, “This is so beautiful. I feel moved to tears!”

It was only then that I realised how much I had prepared myself for rejection by armouring myself energetically and emotionally. I couldn’t really feel the beauty of her words because I had come in pre-defended.

What a powerful teaching, to be more vigilant when I am doing this in future and to be more discerning about which situations truly are “dangerous” and which are simply old overlays of ideas and stories… shadowy fears of abandonment and rejection that have nothing to do with the present moment.

And… exhale…

Simply being aware of the breath, the feet — and of course mantra — are my tools for returning to my being in these situations.

— Vaishnavi

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