A divine transmission of heartfelt devotional mantra music. Sublime and soothing, this is beautifully hypnotic sound healing, opening the doorway to your peaceful inner sanctuary.

“Ladlefuls of honeyed sattva,
two synchronised songbirds on a high branch”

“immediate, soulful…
so precious in the world of mantra music.”

“full of vibrant soul-shaking perfection”

Maha Mata – debut album

Maha Mata is EARTH’s debut album featuring six mantras celebrating and honouring the Divine Feminine. Drawn from different spiritual traditions, these mantras are prayers for profound protection, healing and strength.

“one of the most stunningly beautiful albums I have ever heard, it is beyond exquisite.”

“beautiful and full of soft feminine light…
the true transmission of the Divine Mother”


“Really heartfelt. This album has a spiritual devotion that a lot of music of this type is missing. Has a purity you can relax into.”

“WOW… just wow! By the time I got to track 4 I was crying – I don’t mean just a bit of wet eyes, I mean proper weeping…”

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EARTH LIVE: Compilation

ONG SOHUNG: Live at Joy Yoga, London – August 2018

Album launch teaser – December 2016

GAYATRI: Crowdfunder teaser video – August 2016