Abwoon – Aramaic Lord’s Prayer

Our latest release is named Abwoon as the first word in the original version of the “Lord’s” Prayer in Aramaic (the language Jesus would have spoken).

The word comes from Abba (father) and Woon (womb). So this could more accurately be described as a prayer to the Father-Mother of the Cosmos…

Amy writes, “This prayer found me, and since learning it and chanting it every day for many years now, I have witnessed divine shifts. I offer it with pure intention, so that it may be a lighthouse for you also

If we could sum up the medicine of this Prayer, it would be to let Trust permeate every cell of our being, know that whatever happens we are held in the deepest of love.

With enormous gratitude to Neil Douglas Klotz’s translations and inspiration – for a deep dive, visit his website.