Mantra Medicine Guided Sounding Journey – this 26-minute sound experience supports you to free YOUR voice.

“I loved how you brought the sound in to the whole body, not just the mouth & throat area”

The Journey: starts with a deep AUM into the root of your being and then takes and uplifting journey back up through the chakras with our Adi Shakti mantra.

How to Listen: the ideal set-up would be to be in a space in which you feel completely free (or as free as possible!) to chant aloud. If you don’t have good speakers,  listening on headphones will ensure you can still hear the instructions while you chant along.

Vaishnavi recorded this in 2017 for a celebration of International Women’s Day. She will be creating more of these sound and sounding journeys so do let us know how it is for you.

Are there any particular areas you would like mantra medicine for?