The Birth of a Great Master

If you somehow missed it, the BIG news was the birth of Leonardo six months ago today :-).

Amy discovered she was pregnant a few weeks after we decided to dedicate our album to the birthing process. Powerful stuff, mantra! We had literally been having conversations about whether to call the album “Garbha” (Sanskrit for “womb”) the week it transpired he had been conceived. We decided “Garbha” sounded too much like “garbage” but the theme remained.

Throughout the crowdfunding process, Amy had terrible morning sickness. And you would never know it from the celestial sounds she comes out with on the album, but it was even worse by the time we got into the studio. In the 15+ years of knowing her,  I had never seen her so grey and grim-faced! But in her own words, “I cannot believe how ill I felt with morning sickness at this time, and the power of mantra to help me temporarily forget! ”

And Leo’s imminent arrival inspired Track 4 – Poota Mata. It is a Sikh Shabd traditionally sung daily through pregnancy by mothers as a blessing to their unborn child. Amy was chanting this daily and then, one day, this exquisite melody came forth.

After Paolo’s journey with cancer, Leo’s birth has been even more of a celebration and joyous wish-fulfilmment.

Oh, and he’s an EARTH baby all right: his sun, moon and ascendant are all Earth signs!

— Vaishnavi



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