Divinely Graced

“Oh my Goddess, it’s so beautiful!!!! Like slipping into a warm bath….of sunlight and warm breeze….”

Back in late July, Amy Bisazza & I sang together during a spontaneous group healing in the aftermath of my sister’s extremely good weekend-long birthday party. It was the first time we had sung together in over 2 years due to illness (my M.E./ Lyme Disease, her husband’s cancer), living at distance and the more sinister internal obstacles of self-doubt and perfectionism.

It was a breathtaking moment and everyone present, including us, realised we HAD to share what comes through us more widely. Our experience of reclaiming life after intense challenges had left us both realising that life is too short to stay victimised by old stories and fears.

“I have a friday evening booked at Triyoga on the 4th of November,” Amy began. “If we advertise that as our album launch then we will HAVE to do it.”

And that is how this awesomely Grace-filled album has rolled itself into existence. It’s been quite the ride! We have both experienced something far greater than us taking the wheel of a project we knew from inception would be dedicated to the Divine Mother…

We recorded during the three Lakshmi days of Navaratri…

We were able to chant the Sri Lalitha Sahasranama (1,000 Names of the Divine Mother) in the studio before we began recording…

The tracks were mixed over Guru Ram Das’ birthday

The master CD was ready just in time to be blessed by Amma (Mata Amirtanandamayi) during Devi Bhava in London…

The CDs are miraculously due to arrive one day before the launch this friday (when we submitted them much too late)!

Maha Mata draws on different traditions to support the birthing process, be it for a child, a creative project, a new venture or planting seeds for great dreams.

Maha Mata”, the Great Mother, the Divine Mother, the creative life force that we are all a part of – and that resides within each of us – is awakened through these sacred words. These mantras are prayers for profound protection, healing and strength, supporting the feminine powers of intuition and creation to blossom and flourish.

Come and be nurtured in the process of planting seeds for creative dreams of your own this Friday: https://www.facebook.com/events/1315037675204703/

“The SongBath was healing, soothing, purifying and richly evocative. I felt cleansed and cradled, held and heart-opened by the journey you took us on. So much gratitude for such an exquisite, deep, and profoundly moving experience”

PS: unless you come to the launch, the album is not released until 4th December – but you can pre-order on https://108earth.bandcamp.com

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