Spirit Voyage

Maha Mata is now on Spirit Voyage – the largest distributor and record label of Kundalini Yoga music.

They featured our track Adi Shakti  as their Gift of Gratitude last week – which led to lots of new listeners 🙂

When I first began teaching Kundalini Yoga in 2001, Spirit Voyage was my source of all the nourishing books and CDs which were not easily available in the UK at that time. How amazing that Maha Mata is now one of those offerings!

I also just found our first review on Spirit Voyage . Always so touching to hear from complete strangers…

“This whole album is magical, beautiful, relaxing, & peaceful. I always enjoy finding such music to balance out my days. It is rare that I ever enjoy every song on an album 

It is our sincere wish and prayer that these mantras support you on your own voyage of the spirit.

— Vaishnavi

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