BBC Airplay

So how does an Airbnb stay  lead to BBC Airplay?!


I booked this lady’s beautiful cabin en route to Holyhead last month. We had an early start to catch the ferry to Ireland for the retreat I was holding there. The house is perched in a hilly and luscious paradise pocket of Shropshire and was excrutciatingly scenic as we pulled up at sunset.

And the welcome was even more stunning! Genevieve and her husband had gone to extra trouble to get us gluten-free bread and some fantastic giant macaroons. They received us so graciously into their space with so much love and care that I found myself thinking: “They don’t do this for the money. They do it for the love of it.”

As we were leaving, I spontaneously decided to leave them a copy of our CD as a thank you. She had a huge rack, wall-to-wall of CDs so I figured she was into music.

What I didn’t realise is that the reason Genevieve has so many CDs is because she hosts a Folk music show on the local BBC radio station!

Look what popped up the following week… Have a listen to her sweet intro to Longtime Sun.

EARTH on BBC Radio Shropshire from Earth Mantra on Vimeo.

Isn’t life magic when we can remember to lead from the heart? I am daily grateful for the bhakti path and the powerful heart-opening effect of mantra and kirtan.

— Vaishnavi

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